Discovering how we're failing our athletes and what we can do to fix it

Discovering how we're failing our athletes and what we can do to fix it

Jeremy Wolf

Hi, I'm Jeremy Wolf and we're MindReady.

As CEO of MindReady, it’s my mission to understand and fix the current state of mental health coaching amongst a growing population of athletes in the United States and The Lab is my vehicle to disseminate that information to coaches, parents, and practitioners.

Sports bring us together. They identify us. They define us. We live and die with them. But why do we treat the mental health of our athletes so poorly? The Lab is your weekly guide to understanding the hidden side of sports and how it shapes the world around us. This newsletter (and the accompanying podcast) is designed to keep us thinking about how we treat our athletes from the youth levels to the major leagues and the steps we can take to teach, support, and nurture them as they navigate their athletic journeys.

👉 Why.

I’m a former professional athlete passionate about the way playing sports shaped who I am as a person. But I’m one of the lucky ones that could manage (though barely) the pressure I put on myself to succeed. Ten years ago when I started thinking deeper about these ideas, there was no outlet for me to investigate, discuss, confer, and disseminate this information. There were no tools at my disposal and no community to turn to for guidance. Today I’m making content and writing for my younger self and the parents and coaches that could’ve helped me along the way if they were to have had that information available.

🧠 Who.

The Lab is written for high school athletes that want to get to that next level, the college athlete who knows they have what it takes, the parent who just wants to support their kids, and the coach who wants to build a stronger community. The Lab is for everyone that wants to support the mental health of athletes.


The Lab will arrive in your inbox every Friday and consist of my musings, thoughts, notes, and ideas as well as clips and interviews from The Lab podcast (available on Spotify & Apple Podcasts).

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Who's up, who's down, and what will it cost them? Amid a global reckoning over the impact of mental health on society, The Lab helps you cut through the noise.

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The Lab is written for an audience that understands that inventing the future is complicated. Expect plenty of criticism — but also an open mind, too, as well as regular updates on what I've been wrong about.

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