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I’m Jeremy Wolf.

I began my career in professional baseball, getting drafted by the New York Mets in 2016 out of Trinity University and finished it by helping Israel qualify for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

In 2018, I founded More Than Baseball, a nonprofit organization that raised over $2,000,000 to support the global development of baseball and went on to form the minor league baseball players union. Since then, I started MindReady which provides mental performance coaching and education for athletes. I'm also a frequent speaker at industry events and conferences where I share my knowledge on the latest developments at the intersection of sports and psychology.

My work has been featured in Forbes, Los Angeles Times, The Athletic, and the Wall Street Journal. You can follow me on Twitter + LinkedIn and subscribe to my podcast and newsletter, where I share my thoughts on the effects of competition on mental health.

Dr. Dominic Morais

Dr. Morais received his doctorate from the University of Texas and has dedicated his life to the education of athletes. After meeting Jeremy as a professor at Trinity University, Dr. Morais joined the San Antonio Spurs, one of the most prominent organizations in all of sports, in their leadership and organizational development department.

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