MindReady Guide to Visualization
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MindReady Guide to Visualization


The power of visualization is in no small part, a major tool that an athlete can use to assist their athletic performance. We can trick our brain into feeling like we've already been there before; visualization can be a great way to prepare for important moments.


Start by closing your eyes. View yourself in the third person in the place where you'll be playing. Explore the space. Don't judge what you see, just be present with it, and build the scene. Whatever you see, know it's just right.

See a version of yourself, standing to the side, ready to go "on stage".

Now, see yourself back on the bench,  you feel the rush of a job well done and hear thunderous applause. Allow yourself to relish the experience of your success and let it wash over you.

As you get more experienced, you can begin to visualize in greater detail and include the presentation in the experience, mentally rehearsing every step. However, it's most important to focus on visualizing the feeling you'll have when you achieve success⁠—the human connections you'll enjoy, the physical sensations you'll experience. Experiencing these results through visualization will actually rewire your brain for success!

Don't forget to utilize the MindReady Audio Library for visualizations and mindfulness meditations for gameday:

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